Produttori del Barbaresco 是一個在 Barbaresco 的葡萄農合作社,先補一些資料


Medium garnet.

Violet, soil, black berry.

high tannin, and medium- body. More fruity than Barolo. Black berry, wooden flavor, licorice.


Medium garnet with ruby hue.

Black berry, light pear hint (interesting), bouquet, perfume.

Medium body and high tannin palate. Black cherry, cranberry, light bouquet. Medium-high acidity enriches the saliva after the lingering ending.


medium garnet with light orange rim.
Old paper box nose at the beginning, but disappear after a few minutes. Light black cherry, chili pepper, chocolate, light nuts and bouquet, mixing with light plastic nose. After breathing, the bouquet and chocolate noses are more distinct, and also brings out some tea leaves nose and the caramel macchiato hint. 😀
The palate shows consistent Nebbiolo's high tannin in medium body, with cranberry, chocolate, baked nuts, wood, leather, and high acidity.


medium garnet.
Black berry, wood case, vanilla, light creamy and noses of smoky, tar, tobacco, and leather. After breathing, raspberry, light floral honey, light caramel, light butter, and vanilla.

High tannin, medium body, and medium+ acidity. Plum, chocolate, licorice, light vegetable, light soy sauce.


Medium garnet.
Cherry and vanilla dominate the medium+ nose at the beginning. Follows caramel, chocolate, and elegant mixing noses of bouquet and leaves. Sugarcane nose beneath. Very fruity, sweet and attractive.
Medium body with medium-high acidity. The medium-high tannin is maturing and shows supple mouthfeel. Black berry, chocolate, and cinnamon show in the palate.


Medium garnet.
Medium nose, beginning with strawberry and volatility plastic glue nose. A few minutes breathing, the plastic glue nose decreases and shows chocolate, vanilla and pepper noses with typical Nebbiolo tar nose. And then tobacco, and fresh grass, and beneath smoky and floral and light buttery apple aromas.
High acidity and high tannin in the medium body palate. Light honey and buttery apple notes are underneath the light black berry and licorice flavors.


Medium garnet.
Bouquet and perfume and light coffee hint, although they are light and lower tone compare to the berry fruity nose. Dense, elegant and lovely attractive.
The palate is more tannic than regular Nebbiolo. Besides of the black berry flavors, the perfume and light creamy palate notes are also good. Chocolate hint.

Like a pretty woman.


Medium garnet.
Interesting onion nose is beneath the black cherry nose at the beginning. Then, bouquet and grass with chocolate and light tobacco hint. Caramel, cream and lovely toffee.
Consistent palate as the nose. High acidity (orange flavor), high and young tannin, and well-structured body, let me to expect how it is after 5 years.

Very good.

Rio Sordo

medium+ garnet.
Notable plum and jammy black berry noses at the beginning, and then follows bouquet, tobacco and fresh mushroom. Besides, the hints of coffee, chocolate, light vanilla, brown sugar and wood. Medium+ nose with lower tone style.
High tannin and acidity do not brings bad mouthfeel, instead, the tannin is velvet and the high acidity is quite crisp. Light wet grass and honey (仙草蜜味道), some sweet licorice and over ripe black berry and raspberry flavors present in the medium+ body.