Rose Wine Tasting

2011/06/15, quite a quick tasting, 20 rose wines in 3 hours... @@"
未成年請勿飲酒, 飲酒過量有礙身體健康

Bagrationi Rose

pale pink, purple hue. Light mineral hint goes with cherry and orange flavors.

Fortan Merlot Rose 2009

Medium pink, light orange hue.

Mineral, smoky, black berry, citrus skin. Slightly unbalanced alcohol nose.

Castello del Poggio Brachetto Dolce

Brachetto variety, in Piedmont region.

Salmon pink, light orange hint.

Dense, lots of creamy bubbles. Bouquet, litchi, and peach. Quite similar to rose Moscato.

good for party time

Accademia Rose Spumante

Pale-Medium pink with light purple hue.

Citrus and light black currant.

Reserve de Gassac 2006

Medium pink ruby. 55% Syrah and 45% Grenache.

Black cherry, bouquet, leather, vanilla, light chocolate, soil, raspberry.


Vina Tondonia Rioja 2000

Blending of Tempanillo, Granacha and Viura. Barrel aging for 4 yrs and bottle aging for 4 yrs.

Pale orange tawny. Hazelnut, caramel, light chocolate paste, coffee bean, black pepper, light oxidized flavors.


Laroche Rose 2007

Salmon pink. Fresh oak nose, mineral, black berry, light citrus, metal nose.

Wooing Tree Rose 2006

Light SO2 nose. Pale-medium pink, flint, mineral, black berry.

Cycling Galdiator 2009


Medium pink. Typical zinfandel nose, strawberry. Mint and light veg (celery).

Good for party time. :p

Whispering Angel 2009

Pale salmon pink.

Light black cherry, light citrus, mineral, white pepper. High, crisp and balanced acidity.


Domaines Ott Cotes de Provence 2008

Pale salmon pink.

Dry starfruit, black berry, grapefruit, white pepper, mineral, barrel nose. Various flavors in nose and palate, but not very balnaced, a pity.

Pink Billy Saignee 2009

Pale salmon pink.

Light dry fruit, light honey, mineral, light flint, lime, black berry. Good Saignee.

Domaine Specht Pinot Noir 2006

Like a very light Bourgogne. Pale garnet.
Good raspberry nose, pickled plum, leather, honey, candy, bouquet.


Domaine Bohn Muscat Rose 2009

Pale salmon pink. Rose and litchi, and lily (百合). Light sweet.

Concentrated, good!

Langa Calatayud Rose 2010

Medium pink. 鹹菜, 蔴薏. Interesting!

Mionetto Sergio Rose

Pale pink. Black berry, light leather.

Mailly Grand Cru Brut Rose

Pale salmon. Yeast, mineral, black berry, lemon, seaweed (昆布). Small and active bubbles.


A. Robert Brut

Pale salmon pink. Energetic bubbles. Yeast, grass, mushroom water (泡香菇的水).


Travaglino Monteceresino Cruase Brut

Pale+ pink. Black cherry and light mineral.

Beringer Sparkling White Zinfandel

Medium pink. Light strawberry, unripe mango (芒果青), honey apple.

Bardolino Chiaretto Classico 2009 "Roccolo del Lago"

Veneto region.

Pale orange. Black berry, smoky, citrus skin, pepper spice. High acidity.

Pelee Island Winery Vidal Icewine 2001

Honey, dry longan, 桂花龍眼蜜, light bouquet, grass, caramel, soy sauce with wasabi.