Rothschild Family Wine Tasting

2011/7/29, @舊孔雀


Barons de Rothschild Brut

Medium blonde. small bubble appearance.

apple, pineapple, light leather, honey, and hints of coffee and caramel. Dense yeast note(like 雞精)

creamy palate with citrus flavors.

Barons de Rothschild Rose

Deep salmon pink with light brick color. small bubble appearance.

apple, pear, black cherry and light peach in nose.

And cranberry, black berry, lemon citrus flavor and butter hint. Crisp dry palate, good.

Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blanc

Medium blonde. small bubble appearance.

Nose includes lemon, grapefruit skin, flower, grass, light white pepper and light wood. Special sweet note of almond tofu at the bottom. Very good.

Grapefruit skin also appear in palate, goes with lemon juice and yeast note.

Chateau Clarke 2006

Medium+ garnet ruby.

Medium+ in nose, concentrated. Soil, leather, cinnamon, licorice(increasing), grass, black currant, clove, black berry jam, mint(increasing), coffee(increasing) and chocolate(increasing).

Medium+ palate. Medium+ young tannin. The acidity is also medium+, and definitely good with the complex palate. Black berry, cocolate, leather, eucalyptus leaves, creamy flavors. Clove bitterness at the lingering end. The palate lasts about 3.5 hrs. Very good, and definitely a good choice.

Chateau d'Armailhac 2005

Medium+ garnet.

Nose includes chocolate, black currant, eucalyptus leaves, black pepper, black berry, tea leaves, dry wood branches, caramel, and coffee.

Medium+ in body and acidity. Licorice, chocolate, over-ripe tangerine, light clove and light green pepper. A bit bitterness at the end.

Chateau Clerc-Milon 2005

Medium+ garnet.

Dust, leather, light coffee, spicy grass, black cherry, light soy sauce and chocolate(increasing).

Medium in tannin(velvet but still active, can keep for at least 5 yrs) and body. Light green pepper, clove, light spicy, black berry.

Chateau Duhart-Milon 2006

Medium+ garnet, light ruby.

Medium to pronounced nose. Dense chhocolate nose, leather, black currant, black berry jam eucalyptus, cookie, and bouquet. Very good.

Medium-high tannin, very young. Light black berry, chocolate, green pepper and leather. The palate is not as impressive as the nose.

Chateau Rieussac 2007

Medium+ blonde.

Medium+ nose. Honey, almond, honey suckle, pineapple jam, and bouquet.

Palate has distinct mineral, dry fruits, pineapple, black pepper and spicy flavors. very good.