Bourgogne Grand Cru Wine Tasting



Domaine Ligeret Corton Grand Cru La Voierosse 2002

The history of Domaine Ligeret can be traced back to 1700s as this family moved to Nuits-Saint-Georges from the west of Dijon. From 1832, they began the negociant and merchandising business, and then viticulture and wine making.

Medium garnet, light tawny.

Medium nose. Leather, light black pepper, soil, over ripe berries (turns into cherry), old wooden box, light tobacco, light espresso. Shows some light tobacco, dry soil, dry grass, and rotten leaves after 1 hr breathing. The nose is a bit loose.

Light berries, leather, black pepper in palate, with tangerine skin acidity. Espresso bitterness note.

Louis Latour Corton Grand Cru Grancey 2003

Medium+ garnet, light tawny.

Elegant bouquet, concentrated black berry, and light chocolate in the medium nose, with hint of leather, tobacco and soil.

Black cherry, leather and tobacco dominate the palate.

Louis Latour Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru 2007

Medium garnet, light ruby hint at rim.

Medium+ nose. At low temperature (Take it out from refrigerator, might less than 15 degree celcius, I guess), fennel, mint, over ripe pear and fig. As the temperature increased, the nose turns into the mixture of black berry, bouquet, apple and quince, with a hint of savory flavors, very interesting noses for a red wine. After more breathing and reaching the proper temperature, shows peach and cranberry with light cream

Medium+ body. Young tannin. Consistent flavors and aromas continue from the nose to the palate. Good, but need more ageing.

Domain Ligeret Chambertin Grand Cru 2001

Medium garnet and tawny.

Medium+ nose. Leather, coffee and black cherry. Concentrated. I think it passed the peak a little bit, according to the nose.

Medium+ body. Surprisingly, its medium+ tannin is not yet fully matured, can still feel a bit rough mouthfeel (However, in personal, I do not think it's common. The main reason is that the nose is old, but the tannin is still a bit rough. That might be a clue of heat damage, I guess.) Flavors in palate include pickled squash, chocolate, cinnamon, black berry, grapefruit acidity.

Louis Latour Chambertin 2003 Cuvee Heritiers Latour

Medium garnet

Black berry, smoky wood, light flower, light soy sauce, light seaweed paste, light chocolate. Mandarin medicine, cinnamon, honey hint and grass (like 仙草蜜).

Palate has black berry, wood, licorice. Incense note at end. High acidity and lingering.

Louis Latour Romanee-St.-Vivant 2006 Les Quatre Journaux

Medium- garnet

Black cherry, hazelnut, wood, flower, perfume, light caramel. Floral and fruity noses are more distinct after breathing.

High acidity in the palate. Plum, wood. Lingering.