Saint Julien Tasting

2012/6/15, @市長官邸


Clos du Marquis 2007

Before 2007 vintage, many people think Clos du Marquis is the 2nd wine of Las Cases. However, Clos du Marquis has its own vineyard. Considering the price, Clos du Marquis is probably the most worthy wine in left bank Bordeaux, because it sometimes beats wines from 3rd, 4th and 5th growth chateaus in blind tastings.

Ripe black berry, cream, hazelnut, coffee, dust, baked (a bit burned) bread. The usage and operation of barrels is quite delicate, and contributes proper oak flavors. Besides, the good structure and good flavor intensity. Apparently better than Le Petit Lion.

Le Petit Lion 2008

This is the "official" second wine of Las Cases, and its debut vintage is 2007.

A bit behind Clos du Marquis at the beginning, and shows its best performance around 1.5 hour. Leather, black currant, violet, vanilla, perfume and plum. Much better than Clos du Marquis at this moment. However, drops after 3 hrs, and behind Clos du Marquis again.

Ch. Beychevelle 2006

This estate is also related to Suntory group, which bought in 40% shares after owned Chateau Lagrange. The wine of this Chateau is good, but not very excellent stuff. However, due to the native name in China, 龍船, the price surges up almost 100% in last 2-3 years. Really a bad news for wine lovers. 🙁

Black cherry, black berry, mint, flower, rosemary, chocolate, and caramel (沙士糖). Very fruity and young.

Ch. Lagrange 2007

Before Suntory group purchased this estate in 1983, it was in a decline for a while. Suntory group invested a lot of $$ into the vineyards, the equipments and the staff. For example, they replant about 50% of vines, expand the vineyard from 50 ha to 157 ha (although about 113 ha are planted with vines) in 30 years, hire Marcel Ducasse as the winemaker and GM, and hire Michel Delon of Léoville-Las-Cases as the consultant. These acts dig Lagrange out from the morasses, and make this chateau better and better.

The flavor is a bit light and watery at the beginning (just like the image of 07 vintage left bank Bordeaux), but surprisingly turns denser after breathing. Black cherry, chocolate, licorice, cream, light flower, cinnamon and clove.

Ch. Branaire-Ducru 2001

The four crowns on the label represent the four Marquis and Comte members of Ducru family. In Taiwan, this wine is not so renowned as the other Ducru, though its quality is undoubtedly good. So, quite a bargain.

Old cask, black berry, butter, dark chocolate, light flower, a bit mushroom, dry grass, smoky leather, cinnamon, coffee, pickled squash, and some aged flavor. The best mouthfeel tonight, velvet tannin.

Ch. Gruaud Larose 2002

"Gruaud" is from the Chevalier of Gruaud, which is a cuvee label of Fond-Bedeau. Fond-Bedeau was created by the descendents of the knight Joseph Stanislas Gruaud. "Larose" comes from the son-in-law of the owner of the Chevalier of Gruaud, Joseph-Sébastian de La Rose. Joseph-Sébastian de La Rose is also the creator of "Le Roi des Vins, le Vin des Rois" (means "The king of wines, the wine of kings") on the label. The label also shows relation of the noble chevaliers.

Gravel, brilliant flower, chocolate, spicy grass, leather, old wood. Crisp acidity. Concentrated and lingering.

Ch. Ducru Beaucaillou 2002

Same as Branaire, this estate also belonged to Beychevelle before. The name "Ducru" also comes from a family name, but the family is not the one owned Branaire Ducru, just a coincidence.

Mandarin medicine, ginseng, pepper, black currant, green pepper, caramel. Interesting flavors. Elegant and lingering.

Ch. Léoville Las Cases 2002

The lands of Las Cases, Poyferré, and Barton belonged to Léoville estate before. The name "Las Cases" originally comes from Marquis de Las-Cases-Beauvoir. Léoville Las Cases almost kept all the best part of the original Léoville vineyards, so Las Cases built their excellent reputation by their stable and good quality wine year by year.

Chocolate, a lot of black berry, smoky wood, coffee, flower. DEFINITELY TOO EARLY for 02 vintage, I think it needs at least 5 yrs aging.