Chenin Blanc Tasting


Chenin blanc flavor characters: green apple, grass, honey, wet straw, 白芷花(當歸根, angelica root), quince.

Ken Forrester vineyard 2011 Old vine reserve chenin blanc

Manual viticulture and harvest. high acidity, green leaves, green apple (light).

Remy Pannier Vouvray 2008

Vouvray region, traditional Vouvray style, pale lemon green.
High acidity, honey, a bit residue sugar sweetness, ripe mangosteen.

Chateau d'Epire Savennieres 2009

High acidity, a bit more dry fruit, more texture and structure. a bit oily. A bit oxidized flavor. dry fruit. honey flavor. baked almond. honey sweetness flavor in nose, but not sweet on palate.

Savennieres 這區會有氧化的風格,用了一些木桶(栗木跟 acacia tree),所以在年輕的時候就有些氧化味道。(易氧化?)

About "Grand cru d'Anjou", actually INAO does not have these regulation, but this term existed before.

Domaine Huet Clos du Bourg 2007 sec vouvray

"Clos du Bourg" is a stony vineyard.
light honey, green apple, flower, lemon skin. quince. High acidity. green apple (in nose and palate, very typical on palate). light oxidized note. dry fruit. light flint.

Domaine Huet Le Mont 2007 demi-sec vouvray

Le Mont has more flint and limestone clay.
flint (similar to riesling) in nose, but light on palate. High acidity. green apple lingering. quince.

Chateau de Parnay 2009 Saumur Clos d'Entre Les Murs

15% alc! Sec
flint, rubber. wood flavor. g apple. high acidity. quince. The body is thinner than previous two wines.

Traditionally, Saumur almost only produce sparkling wine. However, from 1980's, international investments improved the equipments and viticulture, so that more still wines were produced. Thus, there's no so-called "traditional chenin blanc". However, this Chateau de Parnay is quite different from Loire chenin blanc, more international style instead.

a bit bourgogne style.

Château de la Roche aux Moines, Clos de La Coulee de Serrant 2010

Appellation Coulée of Serrant monopoly of the family Joly. Nicolas Joly is from financial business, and quit his job to join in wine making in 1977. Clos de la Coulée de Serrant is fully biodynamic from 1981, and other wines of this estate are all biodynamic from 1984.

New wine, but the color is quite deep. that's due to the noble rot infection.
QUINCE! (ripe apple or ripe pear) KING OF CHENIN BLANC.
Wax and dry fruit, a bit similar to Vin Jaune of Jura.

Very aromatic, <5% new barrel though.

Domaine des Baumard 2004 Quarts de Chaume

Wax rub. honey. quince. straw.
sweet, but not dull. Compare to Sauternes, more delicate and active.

This noble rot style recall me Kracher wine style. (God, the wine makers of these two wineries are good boddy. XD)