Brunello di Montalcino Tasting



Antinori Pian delle Vigne Brunello de Montalcino DOCG 2007

M+ garnet.

Medium nose. Plum. wood, light choco. developing. light black pepper. After 1 hour breathing, very ripe raspberry, orange, banana, and delicate red flower bouquet. Like a dress up girl with elegant makeup and perfume.

m body. h acidity. m+ intensity. h tannin. m+ alc. palate is similar to the nose. cinnamon. mint.

Brunello di Montalcino Poggio alle Mura DOCG 2004

[wpcol_1quarter id="" class="" style=""][/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id="" class="" style=""]deep garnet.

pickled squash, pickled plum, leather, aged nose. tar. black pepper. M+ nose. developed. After 1 hour breathing, the aged pickled nose decrease, and shows aromas of vanilla, flower, wood, and Chinese Lycium tea (枸杞茶).

Full body. H acidity. m+ tannin, m+ alc. long length. vanilla. b pep. licorice bitterness.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]

Fattoria del Barbi Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2005

m+ garnet

fur. soy sauce. anise, black berry. old wood. flower hint. The nose has some aged aromas, this might be a quick mature Brunello.

full body. H acidity. H tannin. m+ alc. long length. herbal. anise. lico. b pep. High intensity. black berry.

Tenute Piccini Villa Al Cortile Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG 2007

[wpcol_1quarter id="" class="" style=""][/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_3quarter_end id="" class="" style=""]m garnet

herbs, stir fried ginger and green onion, black cherry. After 1 hr breathing, shows strawberry and red flower (OMG, like a Bourgogne rouge). The most surprised is, aged Zhenjiang vinegar aroma, make me think of dumpling and dimsum. 😀

black pepper. High acidity, m body, m tannin. m+ alc. m+ intensity. long length. cran. b, straw b.

Very different experience, compare to the last time tasted this Brunello with C&S open up pro tasting glass.[/wpcol_3quarter_end]