Some Hugary wine tasting

還有插花的 Heartland Langhorne Creek Limestone Coast Shiraz 2007 Directors’ Cut

Toth Ferenc 2014 Királyleányka semi-dry

Medium gold. Medium nose intensity, jasmine, honey, a bit spice note, apricot, and peach. Medium acidity, medium body, medium palate intensity, a note of tangerine juice. Off dry. Medium length. A good match for food. This wine is something between Gewurztraminer (floral, but less), Torrontes (spice, but less), Muscat (grappy, but less), and Viognier (has apricot, but less intense).
SY rating: 16.5/20

Orange wine

No label sample wine.
Light amber color. Medium nose intensity, oxidized nose (like diluted fino, savory, salty, baked almond), light honey and caramel. Medium body, medium(+) acidity. Medium(+) length.
SY rating: 17/20

Grand Bleu 2011 Nagy Eged grand cru

Deep ruby with purple hue. Medium+ nose, very ripe black fruits (black berry, black cherry), chocolate, mashed grass, humus, a note of leather and violet. Medium tannin, Dry, medium(+) alcohol (14%), medium(+) acidity, medium body, medium palate intensity, medium(+) length.
SY Rating: 17.5/20

Heumann Azzurone 2011 Villany

This wine is made in Appassimento (like Armarone). Deep ruby. Deep intensity nose, black berry, leather, cinnamon, spice, and a bit of fur. Compare to Grand Bleu, this Azzurone has more steady style. Medium(+) body, high tannin, medium(+) intensity, medium(+) acidity. There’s a note of cinnamon and raisin at the long finish.

SY rating: 18/20