MariaDb (v. 10.4.10) import error (WAMPServer 3.2.0)

Usually happens when importing a huge amount of data to a table with many columns (total data length too large).

The error message would be similar to

ERROR 1118 (42000): Row size too large (> 8126). Changing some columns to
TEXT or BLOB may help. In current row format, BLOB prefix of 0 bytes is stored


[Warning] InnoDB: Cannot add field col in table because after adding it,
the row size is 8478 which is greater than maximum allowed size (8126) for a
record on index leaf page.

On MariaDB document, you can find the root cause and relative solution, such as:

SET SESSION innodb_strict_mode=OFF;


SET GLOBAL innodb_strict_mode=OFF;


[mariadb] …

However, it seems not working on windows platform using WAMPServer (I use 3.2.0). The reason is that on WAMPServer, it’s set in “sql-mode” parameter.

Image 003
Above is the default setting, however, the strict mode is ON by default even you keep the default setting.

So you can un-comment


or change settings to “sql-mode->none” in the tray menu as below.
Image 002