I Love Sushi

Yes, I love sushi. And, it is also the name of a Japanese restaurant here.

Actually, this is not my 1st time to this restaurant. Last time, yeah, my 1st time to here, my camera run out of battery, so I can not take any pictures for bloggging.

This time, I order a SAKE Nigiri (salmon) and a beef donbury (牛丼). What I had last time are California roll set (California roll and nigiri) and spicy tuna rolls.

The SAKE Nigiri is really nice, because the salmon is really fresh. But the beef donbury really surprises me by its size and style.

The beef donbury I usually saw in Taiwan are smaller, and the beef are sliced, not chunk. And the carrot are thin threads, not sliced. The most strange is there are some cucumber slices. Besides, the sauce is only on the top, so the rice is “pure” steam rice. Well, maybe that is the American style beef donbury. stO

Ok, take a look of the other dishes. The soup and salad are pretty good, very Japanese taste. Just ignore the beef donbury, this is really a good Japanese restaurant, and not to expensive (cost about $22)

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