Wireless Coffee Shops

I love to work in a coffee shop with internet service, especially with a power plug. XD

There are many coffee shops in this small town, and all provide wireless internet services. Besides, because of the cold environment of my lab here, I prefer to stay in a coffee shop and work by the wireless internet. And, in coffee shops, you can see many people have a cup of coffee, and doing their works with computers.

Some wireless service of coffee shops are not free, especially in the chain shops, such as Stxxxxxks. But, that's O.K., because many local coffee shops provide free wireless services, and very nice coffee. However, most coffee shops do not provide power plugs.

In these days, I usually stay in the Bad Ass Coffee, which is a chain shop from Hawaii. It has nice coffee and free wireless services, and the most important is... there are many power plugs. 😀