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Crazy Weather

The forecast today is 26 and 10 degrees for the high and low, respectively. For tomorrow, 19 and 7 degree. For Fri. (Apr. 24), 16 and 6. The weather is so freaky. Killing cold, and then crazy hot, and mild to chilly follows… =____=

Be bothered by phone calls

I *REALLY* hate the buggy phone calls… =____= My cellphone screamed this morning and woke me up. When I answered it, it was a crazy man shutting out a lot of four-letter words. Obviously, he dialed the wrong number, and I told him and hung it up. But, it was not over. In a few …


最近在 Santa Cruz downtown 出現了一個有趣的街頭表演者,之所以有趣是在他的服裝。 幾週前看到這樣紫色的裝扮。 昨天週末出現的時候是這個模樣,在太陽下可閃閃發亮的啊。 (Y) 大概也因為裝扮花了很多功夫,所以也比較多人給予掌聲與$$。 😛