Strike, 3 days left.

根據新聞所寫的,這次的罷工要持續五天,也就是一個禮拜啦,看來要出門都要小心一點,免得又像昨天一樣得走個三公里的路回來 =____=

In response, their union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299, called a five-day strike, which began Monday.


Asingle parent living in Riverside County or Orange County needs to earn $24.74 an hour to make ends meet, ...(skip)... In a two-parent household, each parent needs to earn at least $17.48 an hour to break even.

But after 10 months of negotiation, $11.50 an hour is the last, best offer the 10-campus University of California ...


It's facing a budget shortfall. Union leaders are quick to point out that only 8% of the UC hospitals' budgets come from the state, and the campuses, too, are not entirely funded by state money.

可是,偏偏一些正式的faculty卻領了很高的薪水啊 =____=

Few UC Irvine faculty members know that, according to union sources, the chief executives of all of the UC hospitals but Irvine's were prepared to offer the patient-care workers $14.50 an hour, which was acceptable to the union. Maureen Zehntner, chief executive of the UC Irvine medical center (salary $555,000 a year), held out for $13.50 an hour, claiming that living costs in Orange County are lower than elsewhere in California.