Sight Seeing in San Francisco (1) — 補照片 Part 2


de Young Museum的大門入口處有七個很大的石頭,當然不是什麼北斗七星之類的東西,如果看照片的大圖的話可以發現到這些石頭以及地面上都有一道裂痕。這個算是 de Young Museum 在小地方的一個設計,其實這道裂痕從大門開始會串起這七顆石頭,最後到達入口的玻璃門前。
_MG_0957 (by Phanix)

_MG_0770 (by Phanix)

_MG_0820 (by Phanix)
_MG_0814 (by Phanix)

_MG_0824 (by Phanix)

_MG_0961 (by Phanix)

"Hovor II" by El Anatsui。我很喜歡這個作品,創作者用大量的金屬瓶的頂部與底部,再利用銅線編成。來看看作品的說明,會更有感覺。

Born in Ghana in 1944, El Anatsui has spent his life largely in Nigeria. His work reflects his awareness of both the international contemporary art market and what he calls "classical" African art. In Hovor II he has transformed discarded metal bottle tops into a monumental, textilelike sculpture. Small strips of metal are flattened and fastened together with copper wire to form sheets. The sheets are then joined in an overall pattern that recalls the woven and pieced designs of kente cloth, a traditional type of Asante or Ewe royal cloth that is worn during important social, political, and religious occasions. In addition to being a reference to royal cloth, this piece is also a commentary on our global economy of consumption and recycling. It is a stunning work of art that conveys ideas about the resilience of African traditions over time and the reality of contemporary existence in Africa.

_MG_0918 (by Phanix)
_MG_0919 (by Phanix)

_MG_0905 (by Phanix) _MG_0898 (by Phanix) _MG_0897 (by Phanix)
_MG_0896 (by Phanix) _MG_0895 (by Phanix)

"Fruit Still Life" by Flora C. Mace,很精緻的玻璃藝術。
Fruit Still Life by Flora C. Mace (by Phanix)

"Conservation Chair" by John Cederquist,很有趣的椅子,乍看之下坐上去應該會來個醍醐灌頂吧 XD
Conservation Chair by John Cederquist (by Phanix)

"Bread" by Jasper Johns,很像真的土司 😀
Bread by Jasper Johns (by Phanix)
Bread by Jasper Johns (by Phanix)

"Oranges in Tissue Paper" by William Joseph McCloskey,可以剝一瓣來吃嗎?
Oranges in Tissue Paper by William Joseph McCloskey (by Phanix)
Oranges in Tissue Paper by William Joseph McCloskey (by Phanix)

Vase and Paper Weight by Louis Comfort Tiffany。色彩炫麗的兩個作品,但是看到這兩個作品時先引起我注意的卻是創作者的大名,不禁聯想到那家 Tiffany Co.,於是後來也順便問一下大美女 Tiffany Co. 的創辦人是誰,原來是個叫做 Charles Lewis Tiffany 的人,再從 Wikipedia 上頭一查,喔,原來 Louis Comfort Tiffany 就是 Charles Lewis Tiffany 的兒子。
_MG_1021 (by Phanix)
_MG_1032 (by Phanix)

而今天看到最有趣的作品是下面這兩幅。第一幅是"Salmon Trout and Smelt" by Samuel Marsden Brookes,第二幅是"Samuel Marsden Brookes in His Studio" by Edwin Deakin。沒錯,第二幅裡頭就可以看到第一幅作品在創作時的場景。 XD XD XD

During the 1870s, Brookes shared his studio with Edward Deakin, who painted four oils of Samuel that evoked life at the cluttered studio.

Salmon Trout and Smelt by Samuel Marsden Brookes (by Phanix)
Samuel Marsden Brookes in His Studio by Edwin Deakin (by Phanix)