Trader Joe’s Coastal Chardonnay 2007

R0015060 (by Phanix)
It is worthy, only $3.99.

I found this white yesterday while I shopped some cream for soup in Trader Joe's. The price, $3.99, is really cheap, so I took one.

Tonight, I had a cup with my steaks and the soup with broccoli and shrimp. This wine is very liquid and easy to swirl, however, the leg is not good. The color is gold, yellow, and with a little bit green.

The smells begin with a hint of ripe apple, and then are the citrus smells, and a little bit smell of melon. The taste is very smooth, maybe I should call it as a great chardonnay juice, if there is no alcohol. However, the taste remain of this wine is really short.

While having it with dishes, not suitable for beef and broccoli. Serving it with shrimps is not bad, but not a great combination. After finishing my dinner, I had a banana. Out of my expectation, the banana has a good combination with this chardonnay, then I had the apple, banana, melon, and citrus aromas at once. 😀

Although it is not a great wine, I think it is very easy and smooth to drink and worth to be served with dishes.

*update: do not let it to breathe more than 1.5 hrs, the taste will change to sour.