Antinori Santa Cristina Sangiovese 2006

This is my first time to have a Sangiovese red wine, and I think it is not easy to have a fair comparison here.

Sangiovese is a red wine grape origined from Italy, and Tuscany (Tuscana) is its major region. If you see a Sangiovese on the shelf, you can just guess it is from Tuscany intuitionally.

This Sangiovese is bought from Trader Joe's with the tax included price less than $10. After tasting, I think its C/P is not bad, and it is suitable to be served on table with roasted red meats. (I had it with beef, and the combining tastes is good)

The color of this Antinori Santa Cristina Sangiovese 2006 is fabulous ruby. The aroma is not very strong (compare to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot), but combines berries and a little cherries.

While tasting, the tip of tognue can feel a little spicy which soon disappeared. The tannins are not dense, but smooth. The lingering is not long, but a hint sweet.