Heading to Namur, delicious food :D

Almost 200km driving... That's so crazy...

Before leaving Damme, I was attracted by the green tunnel.


The green tunnel lasts for a few kilometers, and is really beautiful. But, I also miss a right turn due to this amazing scene. I thought that did not matter, but this thought made the 180 km distance from Damme to Namur became 200km... XD

At least, the good news is I can watch the beautiful scenes by the highway, including the large fan cluster of the windy power plant.

And, I can also watched the luxury cars on the highway, and chased after them. :p



There was also an Audi TT, but I could not follow it, although the speed meter showed 14x km/hr... XD

After checking in the hostel in Namur, I asked the staffs to suggest me a good place to fill up my starving stomach. The fist meal in Wallonia (Walloon region, the French region, the southern region) was in San Marino.


Well, Wallonia belonged to French region, and, in general, French language is more arrogant than others. So, the waiter and I spent a lot of time on discussing and explaining the menu, before I ordered a plate of steak.



The fries are just O.K. But, the bread is great - soft, sweet and yummy. You do not have to spread the butter, the natural wheat aroma and flavor are perfect. I even asked the waiter to give me more. (although I regretted as I saw the main dish... XD )



The main dish, the steak, with mushroom sauce. I think the sauce recipe is similar to the Burgundy stewed beef with red wine (勃根地式紅酒燉牛肉). I guess the red powders around the rim of plate are saffron. The steak is medium well, juicy and soft. Undoubtedly, very very delicious.

The dessert is Zabaglione. I think they change the traditional recipe, so the color is pure white, not light yellow. Yummy, but that's too sweet and too much for me.