Chateau Calon Segur Vertical Tasting

'01 ~ '07



Ch. Calon Segur, located in Saint-Estephe, is a 2nd growth of 1855 Bordeaux Classification. In the Ancient Rome age, the name of Saint-Estephe is named as "de Calon". "Calon" means the skiffs used to ferry timbers across Gironde river in Middle Ages. The owner of this chateau is Mr. Segur (1695-1755). He added his family name and the place name, "de Calon"; so this chateau is named as "Calon Segur".

Besides of Chateau Calon Segur, Mr. Segur also owned Chateau Lafite and Chateau Latour, both are 1st growth in 1855 Bordeaux Classification. However, the buildings of Lafite and Latour are not suitable for daily living, so Mr. Segur always lived in Chateau Calon Segur. One of his famous quotations is "heart was with Calon" (Je fais du vin à Lafite et à Latour, mais mon coeur est à Calon). And that's why there is a big heart on the labels of Chateau Calon Segur.

Due to this big heart drawing, some people this wine is for lovers. In this wine tasting, I also heard some stories about this "beautiful misunderstanding". One vendor said, one day, a young college student came into her store and looked for this wine. She curiously asked the young man for the purpose of purchasing. The young man said he saved money for a couple of months to buy this "special label" wine for his girl friend's birthday. Sounds touching. However, the vendor said she think a beautiful purse might be better and more interested by young girls. :p

Saint-Estephe is located in the north part of left-bank, and very close to the estuary of Gironde river. Chateau Calon Segur blends 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc and 25% Merlot nowadays. In the past, Saint-Estephe wines do not use so much Merlot as today, so the wines usually take 10~15 years for maturing. However, today, with the wine making technology improvements and the percentage increase of Merlot, Saint-Estephe wines usually takes 5~10 years for maturing.

But, quaintly, all the wines tonight have a "salty" flavor, I ponder that the soil and groundwater may be affected by the salty seawater. 😛


R.P. 90.
Green pepper and black berry at the beginning. After 2 hours, turn into sweet plum and black cherries with hints of pickled plum and pickled cucumbers. The tannin is matured and very dense and velvet in the palate. Besides, very balanced orange taste in mouth.


R.P. 89.
This vintage is really interesting and grasps my attentions. Beginning with black pepper nose. After 1 hour, beautiful raspberry and pomegranate. But these flavors turn into honey and hawthorn after 30 more minutes. And then swinging between these two types of flavors in the following hours. Black berry in mouth with matured tannin. The tannin structure is not as velvet as 2001, but it shows a young style.

Honestly, I think R.P. under grades this vintage, comparing to 2001.


R.P. 94
Wet leafs at the beginning. Turn to raspberry and black berry when 1.5 hours past. There's a hint of petroleum (2 hours). Lycium hint in mouth.

This one is good, but not my type. So I do not like R.P.'s grades of this wine. XD


R.P. 90-93
Green pepper and black pepper. After 2 hours, flash wood saw dust and mint. After 30 more minutes, beautiful licorice. Some mandarin medicine tastes in mouth.


R.P. 94-96
black pepper and wet soil with leaf and grass. After 2 hours, hawthorn, raspberry and mint. Licorice and mandarin medicine in palate.

Although R.P. highly grades this vintage, I still think 94-96 is too much. :p


R.P. 91
Black cherry, pomegranate and flower at the beginning. Some raspberry, mint, soda water and chocolate appear after 2 hours. Very easy to drink, and the tannin is still young.


R.P. 87
Fur (dog) and green pepper. Very strong aroma at the beginning, I think some people may not like such kind of nose. However, after 1.25 hours, great caramel, coffee and mint aroma come out. After 30 more minutes, beautiful sweet plum and floral.

I like this one, and I think the price of this vintage is really great. Besides, I think it is worth 90+.