Pinot Noir tasting — 1

@孔雀, 2010/07/16

Laporte Sancerre Rouge 2005

Les Royaux, Loire

Beautiful ruby color. (not very deep)

Cherry, fresh grass, light ginger, and water spinach leaves (空心菜葉) hint. Turn into fig and vanilla, but these two flavors are not so dense.

Cherry and strawberry in palate. Good acidity.

Country-side style. Simple and unsophisticated.

Hugel Pinot Noir 2003


Very deep ruby and purple color, that makes me hard to believe this one is 2003 vintage.

Black berry, black pepper, pomegranate, and a little bit meat smell. After 1 hr, white pepper, sweet cherries, bouquet, and interesting plastic pipe hint. 😛

Palate. Dry mouthfeel, plum and cherry.

Complicated and 內斂 flavors, and makes me to be curious about how it will be after 3 or 5 years.

J.E. Pinot Noir 2006 NGeringa

Adelaide Hills, Australia

ruby with light brick rim.

Not too much fresh berries noses; instead, the flavors include smoky, oak, cherry, flowers, dry soil and incense. These mature flavors show this Australia Pinot Noir is quite different from typical New World Pinot Noir, which are usually fruity.

Cherries and light black berries are in the palate. Although the aromas are so adult style, the taste is quite young.

Makes me think of a dry farm in summer time.

Amayna Pinot Noir 2008

Leyda Valley, Chile

Deep ruby and purple color.

Green pepper, vegetable notes, fig and woods. About 30 mins passed by, fur and fresh tangerines aromas. 30 more mins passed by, mango!

Palates show wood, cherry, chestnut, grapefruit acidity. Quite a strong body wine, very different from Borgogne red wines.

Sweating, humid, parched and muggy labor place (full of strong male workers). XD

P.S. Tasting notes on 2010/5/29: Dust, beans, grass, black berries, and strawberries in nose. Black cherries and licorice in palate.

Ken Wright Cellars Pinot Noir 2006 Carter Vineyard

Oregon, the most renowned Pinot Noir region in USA.

Deep purple.

Berries, slightly black sugar, ginger, western indian cherry. Quite boring flavors at the beginning, but it shows surprising and attractive perfume, floral, and sweet cherries noses as time passing by.

Fresh black berries, cherries and grapefruit acid in mouth. A little bit bitter at the end, that's a pity.

Attractive cute girl, but shy at the beginning.

Star Hill Pinot Noir 1992

Napa Valley

The story of this wine is also quite interesting. The wine maker and winery owner is a dentist, and he made this wine at his garage for private consuming at the beginning.

Brick color.

Spices, agalloch incense, dried plums, herb tea and mint in nose. A little bit old tone, but very concentrated.

The palate is younger than its aromas. Sweet pickled plum and orange acidity.

Unsophisticated man in his 50's. Looks cold, but actually he has a lot of life experiences.

MacMurray Pinot Noir 2007

Sonoma County


Cherries, strawberries, pomegranate, and flowers. In mouth, strawberries and cherries, still young.

The shortage is it decays quickly after 1 hour, especially after 1.5 hours. However, pretty good at the beginning. Like a mysterious and seductive girl with gossamer over her face, looks hot, but lasts short. One guy commented this wine as "a cheap chick" XD