Pinot Noir Club (2010.09) – Oregon

2010.09.14, @孔雀

Fruto Noble 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

This bonus starter is from Spain. The winery is Bodegas Francisco Gomez, located in Alicante wine region, Valencia Province. ("Bodega" means "winery" in Spain)

Very impressive guava flavor, and fresh grass. And light fig nose, which changes banana skin -> pitaya skin -> fig.
Citrus, Grapefruit acidity (medium, fresh). Medium body, medium length.
Surprising price (<NT$500), what a bargain, what a wonderful easy-to-drink Sauvignon Blanc.

Wines tonight are from Lemelson Vineyards and Domaine Serene.

Lemelson Vineyards was established in 1998, by Eric Lemelson. The wine maker is Thomas Bathcelderhas. A new winery in Oregon, but their wines are highly evaluated.

Domaine Serene was founded in 1989, by Ken and and his wife, Grace. At the beginning, they only had 42 acres, but now 100+ acres vineyards. Includes 117 acres for Pinot Noir, and 11 acres for Chardonnay. The wine maker at the early beginning is Ken Wright, and then Tony Rynders. The current wine maker is Ms. Eleni Papadkis. Tony highly improved the wine quality and leaded Domaine Serene to the peak of Oregon Pinot Noir in 2004. They won the 1st in the blind tasting of 6 top Oregon Pinot Noir and 6 top California Pinot Noir. Besides, they topped Domaine Romanee Conti in blind tasting of 3 wines from each producer in vintages 1998, 1999, and 2000. Domaine Serene placed first, second and third in 1998 and 1999 and first and second in 2000.

Lemelson Vineyard 2001 Thea's Selection Willamette Valley

All three wines from Lemelson are in medium garnet-brick color.
Medium nose. The strongest nose in these 3 wines from Lemelson. Leather, dried fruits, soy sauce pickled squash (大茂黑瓜), flowers.
Medium tangerine acidity. Black pepper and spices. At the peak.

Lemelson Vineyard 2001 Jerame Reserve

Medium nose. Wood and licorice and flowers and sweet red berry fruits.

Lemelson Vineyard 2001 Stermer Vineyard

Grass, creamy. Chocolate.

Domaine Serene 2006 Evenstall Reserve

Medium ruby.
Medium nose. Black cherry, light vanilla, light oak. After breathing, vanilla, caramel, flower and pomegranate. Fruity, floral, and sweet tone nose. Palate is quite similar to nose.

Decreases after 2 hours.

Domaine Serene 2006 Mark Bradford Vineyard, Dundee Hill

Except this one, other wines tonight are from Willamette Valley.

Medium-deep ruby.

Raspberries, light chocolate, caramel. After swirling, shows vanilla.
Palate includes mint, fresh grass, chocolate, licorice, creamy oak, flower, and pomegranate.
Sweet nose, sweet palate style.

Domaine Serene 2007 Yamhill Cuvee

Deep ruby.

vanilla, mint, grass and black berries in nose.
Velvet tannin. Palates includes raspberries, flowers, green pepper (decreases after breathing), maple sugar, cherry bloom. Floral sweet style.

Some personal comments: Lemelson is good, but far behind Domaine Serene.