Domaine Bohn Wine Tasting

2010.08.21 @孔雀 & 2010.11.20@孔雀


This wine tasting combined good Alsace wines and the release of a wine book. Thanks for Ben (the wine maker), his wife and his wife's friend presenting this joyful occasion.

Melinda and Su were colleague in a newspaper company, and visited Alsace for a reporting series of wine and winery about 10 years ago. During the report journey, Melinda met Ben and fall into love. A few year after this wine tour, both Melinda and Su left the newspaper company. Melinda got back to Alsace and tried to be the hostress of Domaine Bohn. At the same time, Su decided to write a book about wine.

However, writing a wine book is not a piece of cake (actually, writing a book is not easy). The types of a wine book vary a lot, it can start with wine regions, grape varieties, wineries, etc. Su said that she thought it must be very boring and similar to the wine books on the market, if she wrote down a lot of "textbook" information. After discussions between Su and Melinda, they had a conclusion - why not writing this book in a Q&A style? Ben can answer questions about wine knowledge, Melinda can be the communication bridge of Su and Ben, and can provide pictures of vineyards and scenes of Alsace. At the same time, Su can maximize her writing talent on the content and also assemble information about the current wine business in Taiwan.

Ok, if you are interested in this book, you can check it out in bookstores or in 孔雀. Let's stop the commercial time and get back to the wines. 😛

Cremant Brut

50% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, and 10% Riesling (Actually, the last 10% is not fixed, Ben said sometimes they add some Pinot Gris for more fresh flavors). Harvest time is late than Champagne, due to the latitude and weather.

Light blonde. Ripe apple and ginger nose. Light honey hint goes with bubbles and then shows the balanced light tangerine and lemon skin acidity in the palate. Beautiful smooth bubbles.



Pale blonde. Egg white nose (should comes from the yeast), creamy toast, light peach, nuts, and baked butter apple. Crisp palate shows good acidity and nuts, apple and peach flavors.A lot of small and active bubbles, lasting a long time.


Cremant Rose Brut


Made by Muscat (? I just guess)

Pale-Medium ruby. Also some egg white nose. Besides, concentrated fruity raspberries and light strawberry hint. The palate is quite similar to the fruity nose. However, honestly, Cremant Brut is better than this Rose Brut, but this Rose Brut must grasp a mass of female wine lovers' attention.

略淡的紅寶石色澤。也一樣有一些蛋白的味道。此外,很濃郁的覆盆子香氣,另有一些草莓味道。口中的表現跟鼻子聞到的果香表現差不多。但,憑良心講,前一款的 Cremant Brut 比較好,但是這款 Rose Brut 應該很討女性歡心。

Riesling Schieferberg 2007

Schieferberg 屬於頁岩結構,比較接近德國的地質。三年左右仍屬年輕,六年左右將開始展現礦物風格,十年以上的陳年時間將令人驚豔。

Medium blonde. Lychee, lemon, mineral, and attractive acacia flower nose, with light gravel stones and light petrol note (like the petrol leaking marks on a gravel stone road :P). Medium body with stone, light lychee, grass, light lemon and citrus acidity and light spicy. Fresh, young and active style Riesling.

金黃色。荔枝、萊姆、礦石、迷人的洋槐花香,另有碎石子與汽油味道(很像走在碎石子路上,然後上頭有些汽油漬的味道)。中等酒體,石頭、些許荔枝、草香、萊姆與柑橘酸味,還有一些辛香味道。新鮮、年輕、活躍風格的 Riesling。

Riesling Grand Cru Muenchberg 2002

Muenchberg Grand Cru 為深玫瑰色火山沙土,排水良好,同時保暖。富含礦物,這樣地塊種植出來的 Riesling 更令人期待。


Medium- blonde, light green hue. Medium+ nose, mineral and petrol, with some citrus and dried longan hint. The palate is quite similar, mineral, honey and grapefruit at the end. This Riesling shows a steady and solemn style. Hard to decide which Riesling is better.


Gewurztraminer 2005


Blonde with green hue. Rose perfume! Palate is almond and maraschino!



Blonde. Pronounced rose perfume, with light creamy, nuts and cake hint. Medium- body, rose perfume, citrus, nuts and light honey. Very attractive Gewurztraminer.


Muscat Rose 2009


Pale salmon pink. Lychee, strawberry, light rose perfume, light nuts and light woods. Medium body, high acidity, strawberry and light rose perfume. The rose perfume is quite rare in Muscate, very interesting.

淡鮭魚粉紅。荔枝、草莓、淡淡的玫瑰香水,核果與木質味道。口中呈現中等酒體,偏雖,草莓與淡淡的玫瑰香水。Muscat 還算不常出現玫瑰香味,很有趣。

Schieferberg Eternel 2007

Blending of Riesling, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.


Light blonde. Mineral, banana, mangosteen, petrol, lychee and floral hint.



Blonde. Mineral, raspberry, jasmine, and pine apple. Palate includes mineral, stone, raspberry, citrus, and crisp acidity.


Pinot Noir Rouge d'Alsace 2004

Harvest in Dec., about 3 months later than regular harvest time. 70 gm sugar left.


Garnet with light brown hue. Wood, honey, licorice, and some Port flavors.



Medium garnet. Black cherry, leather, chocolate, soil, fur and cookies. Aromatic noses like Volnay of Bourgogne. Palate is black cherry, light black pepper and fur. High acidity.

石榴紅。黑莓、皮革、巧克力、土壤、獸皮與餅乾味道。聞起來很像 Volnay 區的酒。口感是黑櫻桃、一些黑胡椒跟獸皮,還有明顯的酸度。

La Delicieuse

"Delicieuse" means "delicious". 60% Gewurztraminer + 40% Pinot Gris. 1.5 months late of regular harvest time. Won the titles of "Guide Hachette 2010" and "Le Guide Vins Gilbert et Guillard 2010"


Blonde color. Honey, ginger, acacia flowers in nose. Pear and orange skin acidity in palate.



Similar to 2010.08.21。Some creamy candy palate. This wine is good, but pales in comparison with the following.

跟在 8.21 的感覺差不多,多了一些牛奶糖的香味。跟後面接下來的兩款擺在一起就失色許多。

Riesling Grand Cru Muenchberg 2000 Vendange Tardive


"Vendange Tardive" means "late harvest", and, in specificity, the grape berries start dehydrating.
Medium+ blonde. Mineral, petrol, citrus and dried fruits nose. Still shows mineral and citrus in palate. The sweetness and acidity are well balanced. Elegant and very Good!

"Vendange Tardive"意指"遲摘"。更明確地是指葡萄已經開始有脫水現象。

Pinot Gris Selection Grains Nobles 1997

Harvest (3 times) in Dec., almost 3 months late. 70gm sugar left.


Gold with brown hue. Jam, honey, licorice and caramel.



Medium+ Goold. Honey, sugarcane, sweet melon, caramel and mineral. Very good, undoubtedly!