Moscato 品酒會


One of the renowned region of Muscat/Moscato is Asti (in Piedmont, Italy). "Asti DOCG (or Asti Spumante DOCG)" means the spumante (sparkling wine) in Asti region, this DOCG is decreed in 1977. Besides, "Moscato d'Asti" is the other DOCG named after "Asti". "Moscato d'Asti" is classified as a DOC in July 9, 1967, and then is upgraded to DOCG in Nov. 28, 1993 [ref]. "Moscato d'Asti" includes still wine and frizzanto (semi-sparkling) of Moscato.

The Eyrie Vineyards 2002

Pale straw and blonde color.

Honey, dry rose bouquet, peach, light mineral, rot onion, light medicine liquid, light bitterness at the palate end. Dry, light chewy mouthfeel, high acidity.

Domaine Bohn Muscat Rose 2009

Pale salmon pink color.

Fresh rose and litchi in nose and palate. High acidity. Concentrated and good.

Les Vignobles de La Couronne d'Or (Laugel) 2007

Medium blonde.

Medicine liquid, light nuts, light bouquet. High acidity, and clove note and bitterness at palate end.

Darting Muskateller Pfalz 2007

Medium+ blonde and gold. Grass, mineral, light bubbles in mouth, and dry rose. High in acidity. Good.

Asti Santero

Yeast, light litchi, light citrus, longan, light unripe mango, caramel and nut shell.

Moscato Dolce Mionetto

Pale straw. Litchi and bouquet. An easy wine. Personally think this one should be served earlier.

Petalo Il Vino dell'Amore Moscato

Pale- straw, light green hue. Rose, wet cloth, medium acidity. This one is good if just drink it along, but is pale in comparing to others.

MO 2010

Medium blonde.

Ripe pear, litchi, nuts and light mango. Good.

Castello del Poggio Moscato d'Asti

Pale straw with green hue.

Mineral, peach, light longan. The acidity is low, but provides an elegant style in the fresh flavors.

Moscato Spumante Cantico

Pale straw, green hue.

Almond, litchi, dry longan. Pure, light and consistent in nose and palate.

La Puerta Torrontes

Torrontes is the crossing of Alexandria Muscat and Mission varieties. Gain the fresh fruity from Muscat and high acidity from Mission.

Pale blonde.

Distinct nuts, lime, grapefruit skin, pineapple, and light bitterness of citrus skin. Good

Rocca Cerrina Asti

Pale straw with green hue.

Nuts, butter creamy notes with the fresh peach.

Abbazia Moscato Puglia IGT

Abbey made moscato.

Grass, light litchi, light nuts, litchi and lemon. The sweetness in palate is not too over. Good.

Il Giaj Plemonte Moscato 2010

Medium blonde.

Dry fruit, brown sugar, guava, walnuts, dry longan(light but lingering), litchi, light dry date, citrus. Good.

Prunotto Moscato d'Asti 2009

Pale blonde.

Fresh green apple, light mineral, light citrus, peach. Good.

Le Fronde Moscato d'Asti 2009

Pale straw, green hue.

Litchi, mangon skin, hazelnut. Active nose and palate.

La Morandina Moscato d'Asti 2010

Pale straw.

Mongo skin, light mineral, litchi, good acidity.

Moscatel ORO

Fortified muscat, from Spain. Spices, light anise, bouquet, daisy, light medicine liquid, dry black mushroom.

Quady Winery Muscat

Red muscat. Medium- ruby.

Dry roselle blooming tea, mulberry, wet grass, violet, cherry. A bit too flamboyance.

Tokaji Sargamuskotaly 2008

Like BeerenAusleses wines from Germany.

Sweet nose and palate. Honey, nuts, dry fruits, daisy, clove, grapefruit. Lingering high acidity goes well with the sweetness in the chewy palate.